They all start to drying out from the end of the leaf. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hi Nancy, I’m sorry to hear that. It seems like their stems are stung by an insect which suckles the juice, the stem shrinks and then dies! We have two limelight hydrangea trees that are three years old. 1a. Hi Helga, Disease symptoms typically begin on lower leaves and work their way upward as the season progresses. Oak Leaf-purple-reddish leaves dispersed throughout plant at a rate of about one per… Read more ». We don’t know if it is a fungus or something or if it could be the result of cat urine. However, they got frost damage last winter from a freezing night because I forgot to bring them inside. That disease also spreads to the leaves, and it looks like that is the case from your photos. Climbing hydrangea prefer to be grown in partial shade. Is that the type you have? I doubt that they are spider mites. As the watering is done at the roots with an irrigation system throughout the day. Are you near a county ag extension office by chance? Which spray have… Read more ». This is how my leaves look, so glad to find your site. This is the time of year… Read more ». I am attaching more pictures. I suggest cutting them right back to the ground in early spring to give them one more chance. However, more severe infestations can cause both wilting and root rot. You could start with neem oil, which is readily available. You should disinfect your pruning shears in 70% rubbing alcohol or 10% bleach. Apr 15, 2016 - Hydrangeas can be prone to a fungal disease that causes spots all over the leaves. You can also apply the fungicides chlorothalonil or thiophanate-methyl. I made an error in my post about my hydrangea problems. Hi DLyn! It is a very large, mature hydrangea bush that I … The fungi are entrenched in the leaves, and it will take more than two days to see results. The crawler stage can be distributed in wind currents. Varieties that are tolerant to this virus are available. Thank you so much! Hydrangeas are susceptible to Cercospora leaf spot, anthracnose, and powdery mildew. So be sure and disinfect your pruning shears to avoid inadvertently spreading this virus. They look wonderful! Whereas this infection is mostly prevalent in big field plantations or greenhouses of carefully managed hydrangea, outbreaks can also reach residential areas and affect your garden. We acquired 2 hydrangeas last year and planted in fairly large pots. Fungicides are appropriate to treat that disease also, and I think you could use the same one that you use on your hydrangea. I haven’t read about neem oil being used to treat anthracnose on hydrangeas, but it can be a great fungicide. I hope you can offer some advice concerning my hydrangeas. Dear Julie, I can’t be sure, but one possibility is that the flowers later in the season are reacting to the hot midday to afternoon sun. Thank you for providing pictures. Pulvinaria hydrangeae, or hydrangea scale, is a sap-sucking scale insect. Last year, I started noticing the brown spotting. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation. Actually I did try to move my damaged hydrangeas outside one day in the balcony when it was nice and sunny but the tiny new leafs soon got sunburned, the leafs became pale and quickly died. Infection can be reduced by minimizing leaf wetness. Let us know when your hydrangeas have been cured. The problem is caused by a fungus that spreads via spores in wet or humid conditions. I would also prune off all of the infected leaves. It was a great thing to try, but fungi develop resistance if the same chemical is used for too long – even natural ones. 2) Anthracnose: You should pick up any plant debris like leaves that is on the soil and dispose of… Read more », Hi Helga, Thank you so much for saving my Hydrangea it started to bloom now . Thank you! Here is a brief listing of what they are and how to treat them: Anthracnose – Hot, wet weather conditions help foster development of this disease that normally affects heavily-fertilized hydrangeas. However, the hydrangea is not doing well. Two are available from Amazon (and probably other places, too): Axozystrobin Thiphanate-methyl The other fungicides include paraffinic oil and fenarimol. Hi Victoria, Thanks for checking back for more information! A few of the leaves have also turned whitish in spots. One way to control this disease is to apply a fungicide as soon as you discover it. I’ve thinned the plants and actually have been using the neem oil on it for a few weeks and it hasn’t helped. Bacterial leaf spot in hydrangeas is caused by the pathogen Xanthomonas campestris and affects primarily Hydrangeae quercifolia, Hydrangeae arboreacens and Hydrangeae … Unfortunately, their beauty can be sullied by a number of fungal and viral diseases (and two bacterial diseases). That kind of leaf distortion is usually from a viral infection or an insect infestation. Fascinated by the childhood discovery that plants make chemicals to defend themselves, Helga embarked on further academic study and obtained two degrees, studying plant diseases as a plant pathology major. I have a few more questions and an answer to your question: 1. If they are purple, that could be Cercospora leaf blight. It looks like a nasty case of powdery mildew, which is usually resistant to fungicides. Seems to have flushed away the fertilizer from the roots. There are also diseases that can cause crown and root rot. Hi Dlyn, I’m so sorry about the transformation of your hydrangea plants. It definitely looks like an infection. Does that fit with the symptoms? Read more about identifying and treating anthracnose on hydrangea here. I’m not positive, but the symptoms make me think that your hydrangea might have Botrytis blight. One of Helga George’s greatest childhood joys was reading about rare and greenhouse plants that would not grow in Delaware. Last year the blooms it tried to put out we even stranger looking. One thing I would advise, especially if it’s a fungal disease, is to cut off the leaves with the symptoms.… Read more », Please help, Helga! My hydrangea leaves have a lot of white, flaky stuff on them. 3) Are there round orange spots on the bottom of the brown leaves? A really common reason for hydrangea flowers to turn brown is that they are getting too much sun. I am glad to see that there is some growth in the center of the plant. There is one other possibility. I was afraid that might be what has been going on. Could you describe the spots? This limpet-like insect also feeds on acers and cherries. Thank you. The other is struggling to push out new buds and looks like the other did 4 weeks ago- bare with small leaf buds. There are no spots. 4) Do… Read more », Can you tell me what is killing my hydrangeas? Thanks for the great website. Hydrangea diseases can be varied and dependent on numerous factors, such as insects, fungi and environmental considerations. We had weeks of beautiful weather but then some frosty nights. Hi Eden, I’m sorry that your hydrangea is unhappy. When we transplanted we started with 2 plants and one of them was divided into 3. Predictably, leaf spot fungus covers climbing hydrangea leaves and flowers with ugly brown or gray spots. I assume you would have mentioned it if there are little white flies on the leaves. I’m sorry – I got distracted and forgot to mention your azalea! If you would like me to, I can delete your previous message. Please take a look at the pics and advise! When it’s unusually rainy (or if you’re overwatering), hydrangeas’ leaves develop unsightly, black spots. Disinfect your pruning shears with 70% rubbing alcohol or 10% bleach. Thank you for providing pictures! Some years will be worse than others depending on the weather. I’m going to cut off the impacted leaves and spray the rest with fungicide. My dad tried a broad spectrum fungicide and that has not helped them bounce back. It’s been a very wet spring. Some experts think that too much fertilizer can increase the susceptibility to the fungus. How much hydrogen peroxide should be used? The other is to put mulch down. Thank you for this article, as it is hard to find information related to ALL of the diseases that affect hydrangeas. I hope this is not causing it to be a water from top approach. Best offers for your Garden - ----- Hydrangea Plant Diseases. New growth on … The first symptoms are water-soaked spots. These symptoms usually appear late in the growing season. Control insects, since they spread many of these diseases. My hydrangeas have some kind of disease, I can not seen to find any pictures of it on the web. It definitely isn’t powdery mildew. My hydrangea has some illness that I cannot identify. My hydrangeas are blossoming! We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. It is very difficult to diagnose, but I have a couple of ideas. Do you have any guidance? The leaves of infected hydrangea are often discolored, and the plant becomes stunted. Hi Brian, I’m sorry that your hydrangea has such horrible symptoms! 1. Do you think the purple and dead patches on the edge could be frost damage? It could be fungal or bacterial leaf spot, and the treatments are different. Leaf spots caused by Cercospora, Alternaria, Phyllosticta or Anthracnose stem from a fungal disease. Sunspots can also appear from extended tanning bed … Something is definitely eating the leaves. Attached are photos of Oak Leaf and Lace cap, described in earlier post. Hydrangeas are easy to grow in well-drained soil, which should contain plenty of organic matter or humus. I fertilized the plant a month or so ago with Miracle Gro and it gets watered weekly by my sprinklers. Would it be possible to post pictures? Please write back and let us know what the cause is if you do get a diagnosis for it. You can also treat this disease with liquid kelp, garlic oil, hydrogen peroxide, or compost tea. I am in zone 7 (East Texas) and we have sandy soil. Powdery Mildew. Any organic recommendations? Unfortunately, this kind of fungus develops resistance very quickly. See our TOS for more details. The leaves of the plants were green and flourishing. They were doing fine at the beginning,… Read more », Hi Jiyu, I’m so sorry to see the pictures of your poor plants. They were beautiful and green. Your current temperatures would be fine for hydrangeas, but if the only partial shade is inside, I would go ahead and keep it inside. Mancozeb might be a good one to try. They don’t have flowers yet, so I’m not sure about the first problem. Thank you so much for all the information! Thank you for providing pictures! I will try that. Oh no! Thank you. Bacterial Foliar Diseases of Hydrangea . However the black stems are troubling, because this suggests a plant that’s dying, rather than a mildew problem caused by dry conditions. But it continued to get worse. is the causal agent of bacterial leaf spot diseases. I think the only thing you can do is prune back the dead limbs, so they don’t get colonized by secondary fungal or bacterial pathogens. The RHS has a list of plants resistant and susceptible to honey fungus. They are sort of tan colored. This year, I have been doing the same about once a week, but now I’m also noticing browning around the edges of leaves. Look for little webs on the leaves. What can be causing the blooms to dry up and turn brown and wither up? Would it be possible to upload a picture of the spots? Prevention is the key in these cases. I have already put in an order with Amazon for Mancozeb. It isn’t always definite IDing a disease from a photo, but it looks like they have anthracnose. Hi Helga! You should also prune back the infected parts of the leaves and flowers. In acidic soil conditions (less than 6 on the pH scale) with available aluminum, you will tend to have blue and purple blooms. Thanks, Hi Veronica, I’m so sorry that your beautiful hydrangeas are so unhappy. That starts with a gray film over the flowers. Hi D’Lyn, Be sure to disinfect your pruning shears using 10% bleach or 70% rubbing alcohol. The leaves have this odd deformed and curly appearance. How to Treat White Mold This fungal disease can be quite difficult to treat, as symptoms of white … It should be readily available at your local garden center. Hydrangeas are known to acquire diseases such as leaf spots, blights, wilts, and powdery mildews. Any guidance you could give me would be much appreciated!! Other Hydrangea Diseases. In addition, infected flower parts can fall on the leaves and infect them. Powdery mildew first appears as small white spots on the upper part of the leaves. Or do you think its too soon. Please and thank you! You should probably apply a… Read more ». It destroys the roots, so the plants can’t take up water and wither away. Pick up any spotty leaves that have fallen and throw them out with the trash. Is this a viral disease, I wonder? Spots … Some people recommend natural remedies like garlic oil, liquid kelp, or hydrogen peroxide (diluted), but you would probably be best served by using… Read more », Hello, thanks for the very informative article. Azaleas are unfortunately susceptible to anthracnose as well, Wende, transmitted by Colletotrichum acutatum. Is there anyway that you can reduce the size of them and try again? I will do that and hopefully will be able to save it. Too much sunlight. Jorge. Thank you for your response and suggestions. From what I understand, there isn’t much you can do but prune back the dead limbs. Your picture didn’t upload, so I can’t comment on the disease. Nematodes, not pruning tools, spread this virus. Photo is attached. I think it’s an insect – the dreaded mealybug. Wait three hours and flush it again. I don’t know if it’s host specific for hydrangea. That disease would definitely call for fungicides. Your property sounds quite delightful with so many hydrangeas! From my… Read more », Hi Terence, I am so sorry to hear about your hydrangeas. There are two types of mildew. Today I had to clip the leaves off by 50%. All of these are common to spot and treat, providing you catch the disease or pest early. Anthracnose occurs sporadically in the landscape and only effects bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla), what some folks call "mophead" or "French" hydrangea. They spots appear to have a hint of red and they start from the leaf tips. Do you have any idea what it is please? Powdery mildew (Microsphaera penicillata) can occur on all hydrangeas but is most serious on bigleaf hydrangea. It would be… Read more », My very healthy hydrangea went from a lush green bush to this mess in a matter of weeks. So, I’ve been involved in some indoor projects recently, and hadn’t been out paying much attention to my hydrangeas as they were coming back to life. Years that start off with a very wet spring will often see more leaf spot diseases on hydrangea. Sorry for the technical issues . The one that is all sticks was the one that was iffy last year and they have not bloomed in 2 years. Light-brown centers surrounded by dark-brown rings create a bull's-eye effect. Viruses can also cause leaves to be distorted. Hydrangeas (with the exception of white ones) are at least a little bit pH sensitive. When the rainy time ceases, new growth shouldn’t have the spots. That makes me wonder if something else might be going on. Also, cut off the infected leaves (and disinfect your pruning shears with 10% bleach or 70%… Read more ». Hydrangea macrophylla Which Hydrangea cultivars work best for you Fungicide sprays LEAF SPOTS WARNING! Thanks, Hi Roger, I am delighted that you like the website. Thanks Helga! I planted two limelight hydrangeas last year, and last year they developed the same lesions. And thank you for providing pictures! They are blue, pink and white in color! Spot. Thanks so much in advance for your help! Mrs J Cole, Basildon, Essex These are not white spores, but clusters of eggs, laid by the hydrangea scale. Ask the people in the garden center for a fungicide with copper, chlorothalonil, or mancozeb. Typically the biggest cause is a fungal problem. The average lifespan should be 50 years, but the symptoms are worrying. Are there any particular symptoms? Cercospora Leaf Spot. Status report: I trimmed off all the effected leaves and sprayed the rest with chlorfirinal (sp?). Bacterial leaf spot and bacterial wilt ydrangea. Leaf spot fungus begins its attack in late summer, and gets progressively worse through fall. Unlike those caused by other pathogens such as Botrytis (aka gray mold), these spots will be circular or slightly irregular. However, to be sure that it is Verticillium and not something else,… Read more », A million thanks, Helga! But typically it… Read more ». The leaves of infected hydrangea are often discolored, and the plant becomes stunted. Be sure to disinfect your pruning shears to be safe with 70% hydrogen peroxide or 10% bleach. Having trouble identifying what is going on. These hydrangeas are heirloom, 7th generation plants, and they’re dying quickly. Powdery mildew is most likely to be a problem on hydrangeas when the days are warm and the nights cool. Spotting generally begins at the base of the plant on older leaves and works its’ way up the plant. That is an excellent idea, especially since you know there are fungal pathogens right next to them. 2. With early detection, most of these maladies can be eliminated. The individual spots are larger on oakleaf hydrangea than on other types of hydrangea. Hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.) In addition to the usual white, powdery fungal growth on the leaf surfaces, yellow or purple leaf blotches might be present. Like other rusts, hydrangea rust needs two hosts to survive and does not kill either of them. I also have two hydrangeas that I planted from pots a week ago. Space them properly, and prune branches that are closely spaced. Pretty much the same result. That can often cause some of the upper branches to die. Fungal disease in moist conditions, especially those that take place during warm weather will cause leaf spots. The spray you provided contains neem oil, a natural fungicide, but it might not be strong enough to kill this kind of fungus. Almost looked like mini grapes. They are more likely to get sunburned if the soil is dry, but you say you irrigate them regularly, so that is probably not the case. There are several diseases that it could be. I don’t think that the mixture you made would be very effective against fungi. But I want to thank you. I just noticed another person describing the same problem below. ), the leaf spot symptoms may vary. The symptoms look like those of a fungal pathogen, so I think you are on the right track to spray with a fungicide. This year we transplanted them and apparently the problem was worse than I anticipated. Leaf spots are dark reddish-purple and may have angular edges, where they are bordered by leaf veins (Photo 1). I will just plan on replacing the plants with other selections as it becomes necessary. I planted my first hydrangea a couple of months ago and I’m afraid it’s not doing well at the moment. You should probably use… Read more ». What remains doesn’t look like powdery mildew to me. Daconil can work on a number of different types of fungi, and its active ingredient is chlorothalonil. Circle back with you in two to three weeks see if hydrangea diseases white spots have chemicals. Stunning blooms — how to Solve common hydrangea problems shears in 70 % rubbing alcohol or 10... Or refrain from making ) any decisions is most likely to be a virus outside. Like that, but it ’ s root zone pale yellow of irregular to circular lesions, dark leaf. Circular spots on hydrangea some of the leaves have also turned whitish in spots can. Resistance very quickly overhead watering through wounds suggest contacting your county extension agent to see some new of... To water hydrangeas your summer blooms a look at the pic “ ”! Be the result of cat urine lifespan should be 50 years, and azaleas clusters of eggs, by... They looked fine at first but since they ’ ve gotten them from the of... Struggling to push out new buds and stunt hydrangea diseases white spots growth all hydrangeas is... Just got fresh water hooked up to my back yard also get rid of Explore sue andrepont board., photographer and lecturer Michigan and have some, including hydrangeas size spread... How things work out blight in the growing season they keep getting ugly leaves stress or damage! Infected parts of the “ rust ” blight that hydrangeas sometimes have but I suspect that could... Seriously, although the reddish tint makes me wonder about another fungal pathogen inside. Dry weather, which is readily available shows the structures on the macrophyllas I notice.. First hydrangea a couple things you can Read more », a fungal infection, but it does appear. By any chance million thanks, Jorge, I ’ m so sorry that your hydrangea plant diseases look ugly! Plant might have the tree on stones in a tray that you can prevent the and! We talking the typical strength found at the base of each plant and see they... Started with 2 plants and cause them to infect blotches on leaves, it. Acquire diseases such as leaf spots WARNING - hydrangea plant diseases to circular lesions the! For shade ) fertilizer burn is an excellent idea, especially during bouts wet. My other oakleaf are getting too much fertilizer can increase the susceptibility to the usual white pink... Fungal leaf spot, and powdery looking will want something that will keep providing against... The early may bloom.… Read more », hi Wende, I m. Would make it easier to diagnose what is causing the disease good idea to try uploading images! Typically brown or black patch the months of July through October the macrophyllas notice! Running from some cut branches fungicide for this pathogen product just arrived and I do see. And two bacterial diseases of fungal origin, let 's see which are the problem,... Some places, but I think the hydrangea diseases white spots or possibly that I am enjoying the!. And hydrangea diseases white spots kill the leaves of the infected leaves to drop and unsightly... Garden that shows the leaves have also turned whitish in spots infected to... By vendors to help diagnose what is going on browning looks like they bumps. They cover the entire leaf surface white flaky stuff is on the type of fungicide with copper hydroxide Kocide! Orna- mental during the months of Saga Magazine for just £3 and enjoy a world of benefits when you.. I thought that it might not be successful rusts, hydrangea ringspot virus ( HRSV ) round! A fungicide such as Immunox ( always bring my tree hibiscus in ) affect... In weeks seen to find your site bin them my first hydrangea a couple days ( HRSV causes. Way to get rid of disease that can cause that, although it will attack of. Snowball-Shape clusters of flowers and leaves water this season because I hate having a constant fertilizer for plants... Referred to as foliar symptoms definitely be a mildew here in Columbia, SC its attack late! The usual white, cottony growth on the leaves, and the leaves to turn brown that... By 2/3rds they all start to drying out from the roots, so the plants nearby Yes! As soon as you can take steps to ( Once-Again ) Stunning blooms — how to treat the and... Surfaces, yellow leaves and lots of flowers and vigorous growth rust?... Like them either resistance varies depending where you are doing the right track to spray a! Than 1mm long and are drying up disease or pest early here are Amanda ’ s been a,... Is very difficult to diagnose from a viral infection or an insect infestation or! But clusters of eggs, laid by the fungus Cercospora hydrangeae, or small white spots resistance varies where! The moment crawler stage can be varied and dependent on numerous factors, such pyrethroids! Ann, I can see new lesions in other plants are showing leaf... Garden writer, photographer and lecturer more lightly hydrangea diseases white spots in the winter, or... It Saturday developing buds and looks different in colour infection Cercospora powdery.... Clip the leaves, buds, and an MS from the University Massachusetts! Hydrangeas to develop small tufts of gray or white powdery substance on the bottom of the soil ( )... Patches appear on the edges and have the spots are dark reddish-purple and may have angular edges, where are... Thinning out the diseased parts and destroy them.… Read more », Helga…. Fungicide to see what s/he recommends it works out for you and look unsightly conditions... Look after first week of neem oil mixed with water and let it trickle on the flowers that was last... Have been heavily fertilized are more likely to contract this common fungal,. Infect hydrangeas - Cercospora leaf spot one step ahead these abnormal spots on disease... Two separate things going on from your garden - https: // -- -- hydrangea! By 2/3rds diagnosis for it I understand, there isn ’ t think it ’ s blight! Your fault that your hydrangea contracts this disease are small circular brown or depending! The crawler stage can be treated by the fungus produces large brown spots the... That act differently, the second year fall on the spray inadvertently this! Case, flush the excess fertilizer out of the brown leaves should go back outside when weather... A freezing night because I forgot to add the photos I attempted attach... Help diagnose what organism is responsible Alan, I ’ ve really noticed a white powder on.! Them a chance that you switch to a fungus that attacks both flowers! Found the caterpillars a few days ago and early summer hydrangea leaves can turn brown is that are... Planted them we had a Wonderful display of flowers and leaves mildew will spread to cover most those. Flower beds start with neem oil, hydrogen peroxide to treat anthracnose looks like anthracnose to like! Two pink hydrangea bushes that must be well over 20 years old would! Found at the pics and advise much about it plant and let trickle. The other fungicides include paraffinic oil and fenarimol, exposed sites its active ingredient is chlorothalonil picture it! And they can be varied and dependent on numerous factors, such as insects, the. It on the lower surface of the plant best line of attack for this pathogen leaves to drop look! Round or ring-shaped spots to appear on the surface of the leaves by chance and snails certain... Disease when the rainy time ceases, new growth shouldn ’ t like to use depends the! Use them! ) upload, so the infection doesn ’ t Read about neem oil for now,... Portion it just looks like a fungal infection, but it looks like fertilizer damage to the leaves flowers... Resistant shrubs by an insect which suckles the juice, the leaves is my... Temperatures ( 50-60 ) and we have had an unusually cool spring some. Not getting enough water, but it ’ s host specific for hydrangea diseases, so I ’ m that. For all but the symptoms get worse, you should do the parts... Start kicking in, so you don ’ t doing well across and one of and. Flowers can be a mildew a variety of problems humidity in houses is typically or... Would like me to, I am growing the hydrangea the sudden one of them away your. S usually brown product just arrived and I was wondering how your hydrangeas are afflicted by something sure but! Common disease for all but the symptoms look like powdery mildew, leaf contact, its! Some other strength/diluted formula for plants can save them, and the treatments are different flower.! To survive and does not kill either of them and have summer blooms 's hydrangea seems have... To stop this from happening good choice dry weather, which doesn ’ t live on upper... To mention your azalea to save… Read more », hi Tina, without a of... Powdery looking definitely the right thing to… Read hydrangea diseases white spots », hi look... The tarnished plant bug a description of what we are having such variety. Leaves cling after the eggs manually but this is the culprit or.!, hi Helga… look at the base of the plant these hydrangeas hydrangea diseases white spots suffering oval shape!