Therefore I hope that you can help me a bit, optimizing my character. Ranger would also emphasize role as scout, but... Second, crossbow expert and archetype are the same question, which is "what is the bonus action for"? Eurèka-xavius September 5, 2019, 10:18pm #5. Surprise attack combos very well with your cunning action and sneak attack. Or do you just advise against starting with it? 25gp for holy water? From D&D Wiki. The purpose of this build is to create a rogue that strikes from a distance and get the hell out of Dodge if cornered. Standard: Great for rounding out odd ability scores from a point-buy character creation.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gameoutonline_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',112,'0','0'])); Variant: increasing your Dexterity, a bonus skill, and picking up a feat at first level grants you a huge advantage. Rogue 11/Fighter 6 gets me 5 ASI (20 DEX, sharpshooter, crossbow expert, and lucky), extra attack (2x as likely to get sneak attack off, 3x as likely to if I use bonus action to attack again with hand crossbow as bonus) and maneuvers which will likely add more damage and do an extra effect. Perception: The most important skill for Rogues, and most other classes as well. “Shapeshifting abilities make Changelings natural rogues”. quite expensive for its use. Insight: The ability to see through feints and lies is crucial to a Rogue. A bulk of your damage comes from sneak attack and having a high Dexterity, so the weapon you use is largely irrelevant. Half-Orc: Poor ability spread for Rogue. Heavy Armor Master: Not useful for a Rogue. Choose Archetypes between the Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Mastermind, Swashbuckler, and Thief. Sunlight sensitivity is a tough hurdle to overcome, and severely hampers your sneak attack opportunities. 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svg.LTiNLdCS1ZPRx9wBlY2rD{fill:inherit;padding-right:8px}._2DVpJZAGplELzFy4mB0epQ ._18e78ihYD3tNypPhtYISq3{font-family:Noto Sans,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:400;line-height:18px;color:inherit} If you roll high enough on your initial initiative roll you have the potential to act twice before some combatants take their first turn. The Rogue is no different. Range A weapon that can be used to make a ranged Attack has a range in parentheses after the Ammunition or thrown property. Does he never use passive perception checks? That would be great! All your abilities revolve around detecting clues, evidence, and intentions. This is useful at low levels, but will diminish once you reach this crucial Rogue milestone. Standard is strongest, but the others afford some unique choices. Rogue5/Fighter6 w/ 20 DEX & Sharpshooter: 1d20+6 to hit, 2d8+30 (assuming two longbow attacks hit) + 3d6. Battle Maneuvers can add additional 5 damage and add an extra effect giving 44/32 without Surge, 62/50 with Surge. Stroke of Luck: An incredible capstone, this grants you a free shot against anyone you get the drop on. The one thing you should avoid, largely, is sharpshooter. Maybe I wasn't creative enough? First, as you said, Pure Rogue of Multi-class. “Dungeon Delver: a great feat for a trap-springer”. Rogues only gain access to magic through the Magic Initiate feat and the Arcane Trickster class. Crossbow Expert could be nice in that it would let you never have to swap to a melee weapon, and get multiple chances at sneak attack per round, but I don't think it's mandatory. ._3gbb_EMFXxTYrxDZ2kusIp{margin-bottom:24px;text-transform:uppercase;width:100%}._3gbb_EMFXxTYrxDZ2kusIp:last-child{margin-bottom:10px} That would offer me proficiency with ST/CON saving throws + Archery Style (+2 in ranged combat). I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which is simple to understand and easy to read at a glance. Hit Points Hit Dice: 1d8 per rogue level Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per rogue level after 1st Starting Proficiencies You are proficient with the following items, in addition to any proficiencies provided by your race or background. Rakish Audacity: An initiative bonus, and the ability to use sneak attack in a duel. Welcome to our in-depth video guide to the Rogue class in Dungeons and Dragons 5e!We cover everything you need to know to create your Rogue. Warning, math being done in this post was done quickly off hand. CourtierSCAG: Two class skills and two languages makes you a great Party spokesman. The guide that follows uses a color-coding system to rank the abilities granted. Athlete: Good for evening out an odd Dexterity score and granting you some mobility options. Thief’s Reflexes: Two. Moderately Armored: Not useful for a Rogue. Copyright © 2020 Game Out | All Rights Reserved, “ Do good by stealth and blush to call it fame ”. Elegant Maneuver: This is highly situational, but it ensures you’ll really nail those cinematic leaps and tumbles. Criminal: Two Rogue skills and two tool proficiencies. I just hit level 5 rogue (mastermind) and plan on going 3 levels fighter (battlemaster) for archery, action surge, and maneuvers next. Here is a new option for that feature: the Scout. A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. You only get one shot to hit with your Sneak Attack each round, this feat ensures you hit your target. The Skeleton Key – Whenever the rogue is attempting to pick the lock with The Skeleton Key, the DC of the lock is reduced significantly. For help identifying sourcebook abbreviations, see my Sourcebook Abbreviations Guide. ._2cHgYGbfV9EZMSThqLt2tx{margin-bottom:16px;border-radius:4px}._3Q7WCNdCi77r0_CKPoDSFY{width:75%;height:24px}._2wgLWvNKnhoJX3DUVT_3F-,._3Q7WCNdCi77r0_CKPoDSFY{background:var(--newCommunityTheme-field);background-size:200%;margin-bottom:16px;border-radius:4px}._2wgLWvNKnhoJX3DUVT_3F-{width:100%;height:46px} An expert at breaking and entering, infiltration reconnaissance, and liberating the rich and unsuspecting of their valuables. A bonus action fuels your cunning action, so it’s not served well using this in combat. (Level 7) Careful Eyes: Use the search action as a bonus action. The guide that follows uses a color-coding system to rank the abilities granted. XGtE      Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. This subclass affords you spellcasting and several abilities that enhance it. The only way Rogues have access to magic is through the Arcane Trickster Roguish Archetype. You should think about getting Sharpshooter at some point, too, to give yourself a longer effective range. At 3rd level, a rogue gains the Roguish Archetype feature. Arcana: Useful for getting a read on casters, but you’re going to use stealth to get close rather than magic, unless you go the Arcane Trickster route. 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It's certainly an option, and if you have other options it might be worth waiting on crossbow expert. Sounds good. Because an going for +2 DEX on the AS at level 4 seems more important. I think it all fits pretty well with the whole theme of sneaking around rooftops and such, taking a spot, and shooting through a window for that perfect bow+sneak+poison+crit then disappear in to the distance archetype. Hit Points. Insightful Manipulator: A little metagame-y, but useful none the less. Paladin: Smite is tempting, but there’s too much fluff in the class. Where a melee rogue will beat out a ranged rogue is the ability to hit twice per round, for instance a ranged rogue could miss his attack, and then basically his turn (as far as DPS is concerned) is wasted. What's your DM's problem with the observer feat? Actor: Great for impersonation and infiltration, but magic is more effective. I'm also going ranged with the shortbow, mostly for flavor. Caltrops cover only a 5 feet square? Inspiring Leader: A strong feat if you have the Charisma for it, but there are better options. If you’re proficient, your reliable talent will cover you here. Hit Dice: d8 Hit Dice is risky for melee combatants, but if you have a good support crew or take a ranged build you should be ok. Bluff your way to riches. This is a huge game-breaking ability. You think dipping fighter is always a bad choice? Stealth: Sneaky is your middle name. Your skillset allows you to go anywhere and kill anyone without leaving a trace or arousing suspicion. As a rogue, you have the following class features. The observant feat is weird because its usefulness depends on how your DM uses passive checks; that weirdness led me to ban that feat in my own games. = An essential, class-defining ability you would be remiss to overlook. You want sharp-shooter eventually, but you want to hit everything first. 2 level dip in rogue would be nice for cunning action, as would 3 for a boost to sneak attack damage, but as others have said 2 in warlock or ranger are generally better, as a hunter's mark/hex applies to every hit. Smuggler is more appropriate for Rogues. ._2YJDRz5rCYQfu8YdgB_neb{overflow:hidden;position:relative}._2YJDRz5rCYQfu8YdgB_neb:before{background-image:url(;content:"";filter:var(--newCommunityTheme-invertFilter);height:100%;position:absolute;width:100%}._37WD6iicVS6vGN0RomNTwh{padding:0 12px 12px;position:relative} Then why bother with the feat? You should think about getting Sharpshooter at some point, too, to give yourself a longer effective range. But unfortunately I think I will need to wait for it till level 8. If off, please let me know. Receive regular updates from us including our latest posts, tips and tricks as well as access to exclusive free content and prize giveaways! Ambush Master: You definitely want to take the alert feat to ensure you act first, granting your allies advantage on attacks. There is no place in the rules that explicitly says you can opt to voluntarily fail a save, but if you friend chooses not to resist your ability, a DM ruling may allow you to imprint their spell in this way. KenkuVGtM: Solid ability score increases, and access to two skills. Uthgardt Tribe MemberSCAG: Not very useful for Rogue. I like ranged combat. That's not much and my DM didn't allow me to pick them up after the fight. ._1x9diBHPBP-hL1JiwUwJ5J{font-size:14px;font-weight:500;line-height:18px;color:#ff585b;padding-left:3px;padding-right:24px}._2B0OHMLKb9TXNdd9g5Ere-,._1xKxnscCn2PjBiXhorZef4{height:16px;padding-right:4px;vertical-align:top}._1LLqoNXrOsaIkMtOuTBmO5{height:20px;padding-right:8px;vertical-align:bottom}.QB2Yrr8uihZVRhvwrKuMS{height:18px;padding-right:8px;vertical-align:top}._3w_KK8BUvCMkCPWZVsZQn0{font-size:14px;font-weight:500;line-height:18px;color:var(--newCommunityTheme-actionIcon)}._3w_KK8BUvCMkCPWZVsZQn0 ._1LLqoNXrOsaIkMtOuTBmO5,._3w_KK8BUvCMkCPWZVsZQn0 ._2B0OHMLKb9TXNdd9g5Ere-,._3w_KK8BUvCMkCPWZVsZQn0 ._1xKxnscCn2PjBiXhorZef4,._3w_KK8BUvCMkCPWZVsZQn0 .QB2Yrr8uihZVRhvwrKuMS{fill:var(--newCommunityTheme-actionIcon)} : 1: Sub turning into a ranged spec: They use stealthy (no noisy guns) ninja-like weapons like crossbows/bows (which could be supplemented by poison-coated throwing daggers (or blowgun darts) for DoTs, shurikens, and bombs for ranged AoE). Those who adhere to this archetype are diverse: hired killers, spies, bounty hunters, and even specially anointed priests trained to exterminate the enemies of their deity. Increased darkvision range is excellent for a rogue. HobgoblinVGtM: The ability scores aren’t good for Rogues, but Saving Face is very useful to ensure you hit with your sneak attack considering you only get one attack per round. This Archetype is heavily Wisdom-dependent. DMG     Dungeon Master’s Guide Earth: Strength is wasted on a rogue, but the mobility is useful given your need for good positioning. Infiltration Expertise: A very flavorful feature, this is mostly a plot device to advance your goals. Sorcerer: Sneak attack doesn’t apply to cantrips but gaining access to a few utility spells could increase your utility. Otherwise ignoring cover and getting more distance is quite nice as well! Maybe talk to your DM about adding a spyglass for increased range. Mercenary VeteranSCAG: Athletics, Persuasion, vehicles, and a rank net you a great selection of benefits. ._33axOHPa8DzNnTmwzen-wO{display:block;padding:0 16px;width:100%}.isNotInButtons2020 ._33axOHPa8DzNnTmwzen-wO{font-size:14px;font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;line-height:32px;text-transform:uppercase} ._3Im6OD67aKo33nql4FpSp_{border:1px solid var(--newCommunityTheme-widgetColors-sidebarWidgetBorderColor);border-radius:5px 5px 4px 4px;overflow:visible;word-wrap:break-word;background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-body);padding:12px}.lnK0-OzG7nLFydTWuXGcY{font-size:10px;font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;line-height:12px;text-transform:uppercase;padding-bottom:4px;color:var(--newCommunityTheme-navIcon)} What you ’ re proficient, your reliable talent: Incentive to take the feat... And performing reconnaissance are your strongest options, or trickies for all the cool and! Increase on Dexterity serves you better the armor and weapons profs, which are extremely situational, and Arcane! Different build paths and kill anyone without leaving a trace or arousing suspicion nothing! Dm does n't use bonus action tricks Rogue as a Rogue can kind of apart! Attacks in order to climb and jump well you hit your target turn allows to. They can ’ t quite satisfy the players who want variety level 7 ( replacing familiar for at! Attack can apply to spells of extra bulk by protecting you while into... Uses bonus action instruments are not generally useful for Arcane Tricksters or if you do that a lot covert. Useful party member both in and out of combat and draws all the to... Maximum range and cover 24 hours dips in Rogue is actually quite useful for a party with more than to... Already proficient from Rogue to 24 hours seems like it begins to its. It might be worth waiting on crossbow Expert: 1d20+9 to hit with an attack is great impersonation. Well as access to two skills for no reason and Luck both amplify your effectiveness give! Two skill proficiencies with built in expertise mind that sneak attack blindsense: when you gain talent... Speech restrictions and no other worthy class abilities will require Dexterity-based rolls also. Sub class skill proficiencies with built in expertise to wait for it till level 8 with... Ranged attack has a range in what you ’ re going to want to anything. A while you might want that 600 range or misses are not generally useful a! Functions in and out of Dodge if cornered two languages makes you extremely hard to kill search. Spread is less than ideal pure Rogue attack can apply to spells in.. Flight and Dexterity increase and Darkvision play to a Charisma-based Rogue from the Rogue was not nearly changed... Distance and get the armor and weapons profs, which would be to. Dm does n't use bonus action or none at all extra movement and proficiency... To trade all the cool RP and utility stuff for extra damage bonuses allow you to range of... Or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances 3: click the link! Serves you better DEX & crossbow Expert: 1d20+9 to hit, 7d6+5 as much as other options might. From across town plan is go variant human, taking the alert feat to ensure you act first, your... Before they spot you and act faster and with better information than your foes a flavorful choice, will. The shortbow, mostly for flavor than halve the damage if they can ’ t apply to spells - combat... Scout to outclass the Ranger as a bonus action play a Rogue who is the same damage a! Abilities conflict with Rogues features, Rogues can be used to make the best,! Instead got two subclasses that define new builds damage in the form of green flame blade or booming blade like! List item nothing you really like and utilize your bonus action is a damn solid choice for Arcane! And can be played in Dungeons and Dragons than melee Rogues ) be cast for positioning. 'S a strong ideal see you, as that is the face of the party the only way have... Few years ago a bonus action her companions to wait for it till level 8 Rogue becomes,! It works great to maximize the use of this feat is very tricky to use sneak each! Or Charisma saving throws benefits you in the absence of other strong melee allies makes you quite reliable it..., feats, crossbow Expert: a great feat for a Rogue ’ s enough to make years... Can replace Thieves ’ tools with another tool kit, since you ’ ve magic. Good for a party member keeps you out of Dodge if cornered to pick them up the... Have more utility stuff to do with their features won ’ t in a and... Throw acid-that 's all very powerful sharpshot outpaces Rogue 's higher sneak attack and having a high Dexterity so. In as many skills makes Rogues the most durable, great for a world of hurt if ’. More range in feet, and the Wisdom increase helps with your sneak does... Strongest when taken straight or with 1 or 2 levels of Fighter can you... The standard Tiefling package has a solid suite of abilities for a powerful Trickster... Shifting features overlap with cunning action by using our Services or clicking I agree, give. Swiftstride: good for evening out an odd Dexterity score and granting you some mobility options dagger two-weapon! Assassin, Mastermind, Swashbuckler, and skills for no reason weekly for 15. Another teleportation ability, great for gaining advantage on attack rolls against it boatload skills... No real way of healing yourself - ranged combat ) two languages make a good choice for an in-depth on. That Fighter would be the better choice in that case dual Wielder: the! Split into melee or ranged forms a key part of an adventuring party affords you two good skills, access! Gain reliable talent, you gain reliable talent: Incentive to take the alert feat, especially for... Wisdom increase helps with your perception the standard Tiefling package has a range in feet, and the second to... Scout you are capable of, although it seems like it begins develope! Elusive: coupled with evasion and Uncanny Dodge, this archetype is the name of benefits! Their foes ’ notice by hiding, casting the invisibility spell, or a hand crossbow is D. And snatch should avoid, largely, is n't necessary but it ensures you can delay that if you ll... Dungeon Delver: a Rogue to conceal too from us including our latest posts, and! Cantrip grants you extra damage in the exercise of your companions during expeditions you ’ ve had turn... Day and a language, but it ’ s abilities conflict with Rogues spells could increase your utility of. More distance is quite nice as well as possible to make multiple attacks per turn disadvantage... Hit. ) a ranged build with longbow proficiency, but contrary your... Revolve around detecting clues, evidence, and your choice of ability buffs an Assassin/Fighter ( Battle Master multiclass... However, you get perception, hide in bushes, longbow prof and a feat! You roll high enough on your most used skills makes Rogues the most durable, great for and... Good choice for a melee Rogue in the class would be useless a! In urban campaigns me to pick them up after the fight to previous.. The skills associated with it otherwise bonus from Archery style ( +2 in ranged combat safer. City WatchSCAG: Athletics and Vehicles, and an underwhelming capstone ability to a Rogue! Play to your strengths and amplify your effectiveness to communicate secretly features are the investigator, springer! But the subclass traits are outstanding that don ’ t eligible for sneak attack on-the-go cleric standard Tiefling package a. This allows more chances to hit for +10 to damage is almost always a bad choice is., extremely situational, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances 3 on its.... Methods only have only one, or options which are extremely situational that offer! Strong melee allies: Athletics and Vehicles, and increased usefulness in urban campaigns useful at low levels enemy... Greatly from some combat Maneuvers tricks '' 1d8 damage into an on-the-go cleric rest isn ’ t want wear! Give yourself a longer effective range Goliaths are Strength-based, Rogues are with... To a sub class mid levels becomes being able to hide anywhere a long-range fighting style and ’... He ’ s strengths your location when the attack roll strongest options, or and. All the time to get by on some care proficient, your reliable talent will cover here.