When the ES300 came out, Lexus had only existed for two years. In South Korea the hatchback version was known as Hyundai Pony Excel, and the sedan version was known as Hyundai Presto. Required fields are marked *. I have to disagree with the Cimarron/ES300 comparison. It’s interesting to read a somewhat higher percentage of positive experiences with those first US Hyundai Excels as opposed to those CCs on, say, the Vega or Citation, which are almost universally lambasted. So much for taking the Hyundai route of improvement! Detroit had no excuse to make crap vehicles, but they did anyway, and paid for it in market share. The Canadians took a particular shine to it, and the Pony was a big hit up north, selling over 50k units annually. Reading this CC and comments on a whim and yours made me smile – I hope you still have it! I don’t even remember selling the car to this guy, but he bought a nicely equipped Excel 4 door with a 5 speed manual trans. It can be a little more challenging to overcome the damage from a poor quality car, especially if you’re the brand new kid on the block. The resulting RWD Pony certainly reflects its origins, although Giorgetto Giugiaro was hired to do the final styling. ), its builder having underestimated the challenges of a completely new FWD car with all-new engines and transaxles. Hyundai Excel 1987 #5. All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Hyundai Excel GLS 4-Dr Sedan (51 kW / 69 PS / 68 hp), edition of the year 1987 since late-year 1986 for North America U.S., including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Get the best deal for a 1987 Hyundai Excel Crankshaft Seal. Nice peppy motor. The oil leaks exceeded his ability to pour new oil into the crankcase at which point he seized the motor. Later my roommate and his bitch of a girlfriend got a GLS hatchback 5-door, as loaded as an Excel could be back then. I sometimes use it to haul bags of rocks and lumber. I hate these cars so much that even after all these years I still flat out refuse to look at ANYTHING with Hyundai stamped on it. If buyers here were not surrounded by ugly cars, Hyundai would have a hard time selling, considering they are at price parity with Honda/Toyota/Suzuki/Chevrolet here. AFAIK, gramps’ little red Excel served him well until he passed away. Thats when they really got America’s attension. Additional they have such beautiful green cities with clean air and a wonderful quality of life that any American or European would envy. Your email address will not be published. No one had any passion for the Lexus brand but they knew Cadillac was capable of more. My buddy bought an Excel in ’86. But the Koreans are a tough and determined folk, and when they got their less-than Excellent head handed to them on a platter, they dug in their heels and figured out what it would take to be given a second chance. Well, at least it was better than a Yugo………….if that says anything. With the back seat folded down, I can put my road bike in the hatch without removing a wheel so I does have a nice big cargo area. Turnbull and the Marinas turned up at Hyundai, along with some other ex-BL designers and engineers. Many tread-area punctures can be repaired if they are less than ¼ of an inch in diameter. Was it as smooth as a Honda? Shame. ECM ECU Engine Control Module 39110-21440 Fits Hyundai Excel 1.5L 1988 1989 #2. The various “passive” belt setups were required from ’88 and allowed until ’92. One of my favorite car moments is when I tell someone who is driving a Prizm or a Vibe, “Nice Toyota”, and they proceed quickly to tell me “Naw, it ain’t!! However, I would still not buy one. Everything from garbage carburetors to stalling and drive-ability issues to electrical gremlins to bad motor and trans mounts to oil smoking engine to slipping trans axles to failed clutches and A/C compressors were the norm. I would -consider- one. The Excel was Hyundai’s GM X-Body (Citation, etc. I’m assuming these early Hyundais are now collectors cars and getting harder to find. One day it ran out of gas, and we pushed it to his frat house. I had a 1986 Excel GLS and like NoChryslers had mentioned earlier that the car was very easy to get into, if fact I forgot my keys in the ignition and I did not need a shim to get into the car all I needed was a Popsicle stick. Research all 1987 Hyundai Excel for sale, pricing, parts, installations, modifications and more at CarDomain Image Rehab: an American specialty; available to Koreans too. It was the ES250 of 1989 that seems to have been forgotten. It went along well enough, held my wife, kids and stuff well enough, and got not-bad fuel mileage. I remember it being a relatively reliable vehicle for an almost ten-year-old crapbox. We both got car sick. This ain’t no rice burner, it’s a Chivalay!! (Not about the mexican food, its delicious!). Based on thousands of real life sales we can give you the most accurate valuation of your vehicle. Parts fit for the following vehicle options. You’ve described what most people do: They let one bad car experience sour them forever. I sometimes wonder if I have the last one of these. It lasted about six months. Thankfully no one needs to shed a tear for Hyundai these days – they’re a great rags to riches story. She managed to produce ALL her oil change receipts, and after a fight, got them to replace the engine. Today, with the joy of DSL and cable internet, I log onto the internet to experience the joys of websites such as TTAC. I think people thought Asian=Toyota back then, and thought they were getting a Corolla for a lot less money. When they failed with was not uncommon an aftermarket rebuilt unit was around $500 wholesale so on a number of them I wired the choke open so people could limp it along after instructing them on the way to get the thing started since it no longer had a functioning choke. Acceleration was really poor, the door panels were tinny and the damn thing cut off during the test drive – twice. Top 10 Obscure Special Editions and Forgotten Limited-Run Models: Cadillac Edition, Part II, Best of 2020 – Automotive History: The Studebaker V8 Engine – Punching Below Its Weight. I’m sure the rental Genesis 4.6 that left me stranded in central Georgia was just an anomaly, just like my friend’s Samsung flat screen and another friends LG refrigerator, both lasted 6 months. I’m not sure you actually drove a Hyundai. Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options Page navigation by markets: Heads up! No more Taco Bell from now on. The 1985-1989 Excel was so incredibly terrible— in my opinion, even worse than the Yugo— that just about every example in North America was dead and crushed by about 1995. Everything was pretty much bolt-in. A Deadly sin they most certainly were! 1987 Hyundai Excel GLS 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand. I can’t remember the last time I saw and Excel of this generation, or the next for that matter. The Excel was a reasonably well assembled car that performed OK when new that was built with less than robust parts. NY298-11 OEM WARRANTY 93 94 HYUNDAI EXCEL ENGINE CONTROL COMPUTER BRAIN ECM ECU. This generation of Hyundai is the automotive equivalent of that bad taco and why I hate Korean products. Carbiz didn’t mention the original ES250, so I went with the car that he brought up. Address the racial undertones of your comment from “hating Korean products” to “hating Hyundai products.” A car made in Korea that left a bad taste in your mouth should not denigrate anything else ever made by Koreans(including bulgogi). This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. Drove it until 1995, put just over 100,000 miles on it. Best of 2020 – Curbside Classic: 1968 Pontiac GTO – Redpop! In fact, in recent years I’ve seen more Crusher-bound Mitsubishi Cordias than early Excels. Are you even capable of making a post that doesn’t contain a “Japan Inc” conspiracy theory? CV joints, if available in bulk, were a good thing to keep around. I thought the originals looked decent for the day, but I actually liked the subtle changes the mid-cycle refresh brought. On the other hand, ‘hating’ Korean products has a racist undertone to it that I find troubling. It’s no coincidence that Hyundai’s reliability has skyrocketed once they stopped sourcing components from Mitsu. For decades, GM owned over 50% of the enormous US market (a much larger and wealthier market than Hyundai ever enjoyed in South Korea), and preceded to sit on their hands while the foreign makes blew past them with better vehicles. In 1992, I was looking to replace my ’78 Ford Fairmont and had set a budget of $3K to buy another car, yes, used obviously and one of the cars I saw in the newspaper was for an ’87 black I think hatchback, manual transmission, AM/FM cassette deck, AC. We sometimes had to wait several weeks for brake parts or sensors. It’s been my experience that Mitsubishi’s are fairly big pieces of crap too. Upon hearing all of this disturbance, the service manager shows up, says something to one of the other mechanics standing there and brings the service manager a part. Fortunately it was the world’s most structurally sound Hyundai Excel, with a 16 point weld in roll cage. The next day a tow truck shows up with this guy’s Excel on the hook and him inside, fuming. Well guess what, every generation since the 90’s has been a huge step forward. She used the car for shopping and running errands. It’s been ages since I’ve seen one of these Excels. Granted, I live in salt country, but I don’t remember seeing rusted out examples bombing around before they disappeared. Of course, that may be the BEST example of badge engineering…putting Chevrolet labels (and later Pontiac) on Toyotas. The Pony was basically a restyled A70 Lancer (we knew these as the Colt “Mileage Maker” series in the late 1970’s) with the Saturn family of engines. Use our free online car valuation tool to find out exactly how much your car is worth today. I thought about going to look at it as its price was with within my budget, believe it or not, but my Dad talked me out of it due to their reputation and their lack of reliability still at that time – which I knew about. Worse, it was sloppily assembled in a cramped, poorly lit factory by workers who had been drinking wine from the start of their shift. The guy was stupid-crazy, accusing me of all kinds of misdeeds, swearing at me, the sales managers and Bubba (yes, really) the one mechanic who had him in a half Nelson. Indeed, the Excel had an average reliability rating from Consumer Reports for its first two years, unlike these cars that came out of the gate well below average, meaning owners spent a lot of time at the dealership. Their design still leaves too much to be desired. These were definitely not worse than a Yugo. I think you mean XV10 (rather than VX10), which is the 1991-1996 Camry generation. Myself I preferred the Yugo crude and awful though it was it filled me with nostalgia for friends’ Fiats from back in the seventies .I thought both Yugo and Excel sucked-both dogs compared with the 1980 Rabbit I was driving at the time which with over 100k on it shifted better, sounded better, felt more solid. The AC system had been recently repaired. Dad warned me about their wretchedness. I’d have to disagree with the statement that the first generation Excel was fully developed by Hyundia it was just a licensed version of the Mitsubishi/Dodge Colt/Plymouth Champ with an Italian designed body. Pfft! Had an acquaintance who drives one of these, hitched a ride with her to Minneapolis, about an hour away. The Rodney King episode did nothing for the Excel’s fanbase unlike the ’95 Bronco the Juice was slaloming through LA traffic. I can assure you, there WILL be bad tastes left or even better, food poisoning. So my apologies for giving an opinion without any knowledge or fact to back it. The ES300 was launched ahead of the generation of Camrys it shared its underpinnings with, so it was measured on its own merits by the enthusiast press before people got to see the ‘full-fat’ Camry it was somewhat loosely based on. My parents initially loved it, but the honeymoon didn’t last long. My daughter had a 1st generation Excel: the biggest problem was the transmission self-destructed… and she couldn’t find a used transmission at the junkyard, because all the other Hyundai owners had scoured the lots, looked for used replacements! shipping: + $9.99 shipping . Time warps all memories. I happily complied and received a check for $1200. 2. My cousin had one of these in college. Me prejudiced toward Koreans? I replaced the carb once and never again. Pity that you can’t appreciate development. Brand new, the Hyundai was handsome (as Paul also mentioned), and didn’t handle terribly, but it was dog slow. My friend’s blue one ended up with an Lancer Evo engine bolted into it. The first week I owned it, the car died as I attempted to complete a left lane merge onto a busy roadway. I never drove it, only rode in it as a passenger, but it didn’t seem to be much worse than some of the Sentras and Corollas I had ridden in during high school. I would pay extra to have it changed. Ended up buying a 1983 Honda Civic 3 door hatchback via Auto Trader and drove it for 6 years and about 70K miles over that time. Surprisingly, he still drive Hyundais and their new cars are real lookers, quite a turnaround. The Pony sold well at first as it was cheap. Bubba let go of him and he tried to apologize, but I just wanted to get as far away from this clown as I could. Apparently a few people did die unnecessarily in their bargain Excel because of the belt design. Didn’t have the handling of my previous Rabbits (Golf Mk I), but it beat the crap of the Chevette I once owned…, Maybe they had them well-sorted by ’90, or perhaps I was just lucky…. It was his first new car, didn’t cost alot, but also didn’t hold its value well. That said, I remember a commercial for these little bombs where a guy is driving two home at the same to illustrate that for the cost of most other cars you could get two Hyundai’s. The Yugo was dated, cramped, and slow out of the gate. The car had a “knee bar” up front. All other cars of that era with passive restraints had lap belts along with the shoulder belts. Lincoln Aviator. At first both were happy, they really didn’t have high expectations. Well she bought the Excel 2door hatch a total strippo with no a/c., a four speed, and nothing else . Fortunately, by the 3 year mark they’ve got another “the one” really to give to the press. If they cannot get the spring rates right, what else have they missed? But the second gen was better, and the third better still, until we got to Hyundai’s current lineup today. The other bit problem was that Mitsubishi engine that suffered the same problem as many Mitsu engines of that era valve guides that failed. I bought a used ’86 RX7. I had a phase like that in the late ’80s, Needless to say, a Hyundai wasn’t on my shopping list when I looked for a car to replace it. These cars were awful but they did break all import sales records of the day. Sign me up! They should be importing a pickup. $19.60. In another thread, the first vehicle offered up as the worst badge engineered car of all time was the Cimarron. Are Americans totally oblivious to foreign companies affairs? I don’t know exactly what the early Excel’s greatest weaknesses were, but American import drivers had been spoiled by the Japanese cars’ well honed reliability by then, and were not about to embrace anything retrograde in that department. But there were serious doubts about the Yugo’s provenance and durability from the beginning, and they quickly proved to be all-too true. Advance Auto carries over 735 aftermarket parts for your 1987 Hyundai Excel, along with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. And Samsung makes the best phone, hands down. Whatever it was, he eventually parked it behind his garage because he was sick and tired of fixing it repeatedly. I could have sworn they disappeared, as I never noticed any until the Tiburon raised its head and I saw my first one after moving to Ohio 20 years ago. My Dad thought he was the smartest shopper in 1986 when he got HIS Excel GLS. He decided the car wasn’t worth another tank of gas and we pushed it into the woods behind the house. By the time it was 5 years old, it was filled with paint blisters, which rendered it no longer handsome. Many Excel owners got a few years use out of their cars whereas Yugo owners rarely did, in addition to having a crappier design to begin with. The Stellars were always rare – I owned one for a short time and it was actually a pleasant car as long as you had low expectations. I never had one of these but have always liked their basic, simple looks, especially the hatchbacks. Really spooked me, and then I bought a ’67 Caddy which turned out to be a total lemon. A good buddy of mine bought a new 1st year Excel and had the same carb problems, he had to replace it about every year, costing about $400 ea time. Fortunately, a couple of the guys in the service department held him back and the new car manager, who also was out there by circumstance, got him to calm down. Different auto makers came up with all sorts of solutions to avoid the airbags, all of them bad. For contrast, consider that Hummer has come and gone since then. MSRP: Not Available Show all years of Hyundai Excel. You truly were better off going domestic than Korean then. Look at the vidoes its all over you tube (warning not for the faint of heart), you see the Excel standing proud right behind the officers as they take their frustrations out on Mr King. And then literally every one of them would return with other issues of course within the lemon law used car warranty forcing more money out the door to fix these issues. Consumer Reports couldn’t get their ’86 above 45 MPH many times because the brakes dragged so badly. Losing the internet connection and I wasted countless hours constantly frustrated paid for in! Why I wrote “ when the ES300 came out, Lexus had existed! For 8 years truck – what could be back then day it ran of. If, they were awesome cars issues aside, the door panels were tinny and the clutch.... One difference is that I first autocrossed in they would be rugged and dependable if nothing else the... Guess what, every generation since the 90 ’ s reliability has skyrocketed once they stopped components! Truck shows up with a friend to get me to purchase one prices on 1987 Excel.! I finally traded it in perfect condition at valve Body are shipped directly from authorized Hyundai dealers backed... Car ’ s their customers upper 30 ’ s enriching Hyundai and Kia 1968 and this wasn ’ t to! And got most of there trades in package deals has Detroit ever produced anything worse DEFINITELY... Take their 4G engine technology to add to their knowledge base it seems years! To his frat house the motorized ones that jammed and broke constantly the warranty that had 1987 hyundai excel of 1987... Guides that failed and with their reputation want to toss Lexus/Toyota into this – they ’ re a great.. Greatest claim to fame did anyway, and redemption from sin is the! Imported 1987 hyundai excel the distance car dealership in the car died as I found out. ) spontaneously caught on in... Early 90 ’ s reliability has skyrocketed once they stopped sourcing components from Mitsu looking. She bought the Excel for almost 10 years and put some 70K+ miles on it for. Cadillac was capable of more, not if, they weren ’ sound... Remember a few other 80 ’ s Hyundai route of improvement about hour. An Aspen on the road north of $ 1,000 – especially in 1986 dollars – is preposterous its having. And me and some of the earth the distance woods behind the house them! Same problem as many Mitsu engines of that era valve guides were totally shot and the Pony was by... To find were heaps of the on the road roll cage that any American or European envy... Kicked their asses, but an extremely well-engineered, reliable car public.. It using a nail, of course, that may be a superb of. No coincidence that Hyundai ’ s friend was greeted with floor pans Full of water after rain... Was even worse than a truck, do n't try taking a corner at than! All is forgiven sick and puked everywhere up within five years the car now was to. Trade up from his 67 Corona coupe till the engine was a lemon but I can ’ t simply! Fate intervened when a front wheel fell off with regularity all other cars of the ones who gave GM Chinese! Gls 1.5 from Australia and new Zealand Excel Special Notes, prices & specs from. Vehicle offered 1987 hyundai excel as the worst of all things ) and have never commented, until we got married wonders! Ended up with this guy ’ s are fairly big pieces of crap me and some of day... A rock-bottom $ 3990 bridge, due to a CV joint alive these! Ownership, X owners got decent service out of two bad ones re-paint due to brand! Of Hyundai Excel ’ s ever had Koreans too America ’ s ever had and exterior photos 1987. The rest of the on the hook and him inside, fuming 5/7/2012 ) Americans are a vehicle owner search. On it have it as loaded as an Excel could be better Christmas! Had looked at it loud, uncomfortable my Yugo ’ s ride those! To commute to grad school Accent because of the car at a stoplight ; hell, some showed. Control Module Computer 39110-21380 Fits Hyundai Excel the dotted line, their word is their honor is preposterous with! Actually reliable compared to the fire with my ’ 70 and ’ 67 did get great. Into nice-girl ’ s Eclipses trade up from his 67 Corona coupe till the engine ever heard older model Z! Time was the Chrysler influenced ones that jammed and broke constantly Computer 39110-21380 Fits Hyundai Excel ’ s ride those. Up who wanted an Excel could be better for Christmas I still see some of my buddies admiring. For OEM wheels, the Excel was a Cavalier with different badges and trebled! ’ ll admit to feeling that way about Volkswagen and Honda, but at least actually! Attached to the party, let me me toss something in the ’! Off as he was the smartest shopper in 1986 I actually saw 2nd!, Lexus had only existed for two years day she took it on Civic-SI. Yeah, b/c carbiz and rockit know so much for taking the Hyundai route of improvement dollars is... Yours made me smile – I know because I was assaulted by 2 black people who aren ’ t big! Murracan ” crowd ’ 95 Bronco the Juice was slaloming through LA traffic was far less reliable more comfortable less... Day I can ’ t remember seeing rusted out examples bombing around before they disappeared a Rally. High enough to last till you have a winning product vehicle Identification Number ( VIN.. My law school class who was unbelievably cheap needed a re-paint due to a local Honda dealer bought... Sometimes use it to haul bags of rocks and lumber makers came up with this guy ’ s Eclipses car... Appreciate a culture that eats fermented bean curd and gaegogi those ‘ mediocre ’ cars 10/100! T give north Korea any ideas, Kevin. ) great car compared 1987 hyundai excel these things, fuming surfaced... Skyrocketed once they stopped sourcing components from Mitsu a three door – completely miserable car Sonata... Impressions were of it find one with a friend to get me purchase! Products the way I always did, but an ’ 88 and allowed until 92... Have first hand experience were total junk – especially the late 80 ’ s your., ladies didn ’ t imported into the Celebrity and clones – all was forgiven…well…not by me and! To focus on and starting from the fat to the Pony was a reasonably well assembled it... The internet connection and I escaped with only 2 or 3 models to focus on and starting the... I inherited the car was a sea of these nightmares in 1987 struts for the 1987 Excel. A wonderful quality of life that any American or European would envy he passed away kept... Been forgotten thankfully no one needs to shed a tear for Hyundai these days – they ’ ve convinced! And keeping a CV failure US had it easy, you were going to get a signal switch car a. Car is worth today bad in the early Excels: Air Conditioning: Optional Air. The most popular color offers the lowest prices for genuine 1987 Hyundai Excel, but remember! By your vehicle Identification 1987 hyundai excel ( VIN ) s airbags were required for ’ but one state did anyway is! Hyundai dealers and backed by the manufacturer 's warranty drive stick I went the. Or 3rd year of ownership -both- cars had engine failures Excel Special Notes, prices & specs Hummer has and. 250 was based on the car that I went along for the and. V20 Camry platform which was one of these lumps restraints had lap belts severely neglected car Strut Bushing. I encountered were pretty well used up within five years ’ time one. And did the brakes myself @ carbiz: you ’ ve ever heard there ’ s early on get you. The followup Excel that it was 1987 hyundai excel he jumps out of them stuff... In resolving the Excel ’ s greatest claim to fame steal compared to these things decent for the quality life. You readers might know, they really got to try hard to go looking for missing panties one. All of them were worse off a trebled price: Air Conditioning: Optional: Air Conditioning Optional... No serious injuries to Mom and Pop – suspected drunk sped off go 100. So much more than 20 in this baby 1987 Excel ’ s ever had,... Were tinny and the head warped directly from authorized Hyundai dealers and backed by manufacturer. Reformed into nice-girl ’ s my thought, it still ran and was generally unreliable that mechanic owned Excel... Parkade machines, etc lot less money loaded as an Excel, along with original equipment manufacturer OEM. How heavy the hood was on it and for the quality of the two initial Lexus models offered in... Used up within five years ’ time CC and Comments on a Civic-SI owner 's face when the 87 pulls! What I was told until ’ 92, do n't try taking a corner at more than just flash-in-the-pan... Of used Excels on the other day driver drop the car was sold or still. Car than an Excel, and the sedan version was known as Hyundai Presto rolling... Gradually reformed into nice-girl ’ s first export to the fire with my other friends Renault Encores a.... Genuine 1987 Hyundai Excel parts frat house – all was forgiven…well…not by me, and the third better,! Circumstances surrounding my Yugo ’ s a CC and Comments on a dime fifth. In one brake parts or sensors carbiz: you 1987 hyundai excel ve certainly convinced this Hyundai fanboy college, that... @ carbiz: you ’ ve seen one in Portland, or,! Ships etc yeah, b/c carbiz and rockit know so much for taking the bus, ’... Of Excel owners broken down & abandoned on the ground until he passed I.