1. While assessing different cartridges, you could have a general idea about their characteristics if you carefully research their development history. Nothing you hit will know the difference. 6.5CM offers the flatest shooting round and a great selection of bullets to choose from. This bullet complements the 30 cal 200.20x Hybrid Target bullet, which was designed specifically for F-TR. The 7mm-08 Remington was presented during the 80s, sitting between both the .243 and .308. For the same bullet weights, the 7mm-08 will have better sectional density and possibly better ballistic coefficients. The 7mm-08 can shoot a bit lighter bullets while the 308 on the other hand can shoot heavier bullets than the 7mm-08. A 6.5CM barrel is good for about 2500 rounds. Bullet Depth Gauges are available in all cartridges with .224, 7mm, and .308 diameter bullets. These tools are very easy to use and come with simple instructions. The BC is better on a 7mm bullet than a .308. As bullets move downrange, they have a flight path of a parabola. There are multiple 7mm magnum rounds out there, but presuming you’re comparing the 7mm Rem. vs. .30-06; 7mm STW vs. .300 Wby. vs. .300 Ultra Mag. 7MM-08 is just a little lighter in the recoil department due to its lighter bullet but is slightly flatter shooting. Richard Mann tries to defend his beloved 308 Winchester against the ballistically superior 7mm-08 Remington championed by Ron Spomer. For a cartridge comparison such as the .243 vs .308, potential users want to see which has a flatter trajectory, meaning it shows less bullet … At 200 yards (the distance at which, for consistency, I will compare all loads), the .308 Win. As the bullets lose velocity and as outside influences act on the bullet, it loses altitude. Hornady offers an ELD match 7mm bullet with a .796 bc that I am looking into. The speed and power of the .308 … It’s indisputable that a .30 caliber delivers more energy than a comparable 7mm. load generates 10.2 percent more energy and has a 29.6 percent higher KPS value than the 7mm-08 load. 7mm-08 Remington Back in 1958, a certain 7mm/308 Winchester wildcat round was brought into development as its name hints, people developed this round by just necking down a standard.308 Winchester to have.284 bullets (7mm). .308 has better barrel life out of the 6.5CM, 7mm-08. The .308 comes closer to 7mm-08 trajectories with heavier bullets, but at the cost of increased recoil over the 7mm cartridge. That’s not the point, or at least it shouldn’t be whenever one hears the 7mm vs 30 caliber argument. Although I own a 7mm Mauser I would say the.308 is probably a better all-around caliber. Therefore, the 7mm-08 has less recoil, a flatter trajectory, penetrates better, and … This little cartridge has an astounding gag speed at a littler size, contrasting it and the .260 Remington (and utilizing a similar weight bullet of 140-grain). The 7mm-08 Remington shoots lighter, smaller diameter, and more aerodynamic bullets with a higher sectional density faster than bullets used by the .308 Winchester. The 7mm 184gr F-Open bullet is ideal for loading into 7-08 Rem, 284 Win, 7mm SAUM, 7mm RUM, 7mm Rem Mag and other popular 7mm… Between 6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08, our winner is Creedmoor, based on the results of our in-depth analysis. I also liked the fact that it was a marriage of the best of both military worlds. I’m talking 7mm-08 vs. .308; .280 Rem. Of cartridges based upon the .308, it is the second most popular behind only the .243 Winchester. The 7mm rem mag is #1 and the 30-06 is a close second. Very few of the deer … The caliber is, of course, .308. There is no practical difference as a hunter between a 270, 7mm-08 or 308 inside 300 yards.

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