A lake monster was seen swimming on Lake Pepin on April 28, 1871, according to the Minnesota Historical Society’s Book of Days Almanac. If the photo is determined to be authentic, or if a University of Minnesota biologist can confirm the DNA came from a monster, fame and fortune will follow. Visitors came to learn more about Pepie, the Lake Pepin Monster and possible catch a siting of him! The authors demonstrate, however, that such examples do not explain the bulk of the genuinely weird cases. Lake Pepin Lurking beneath the waters of Lake Pepin is said to be home to the giant serpent Pepie. The legend began with the native Dakota people that refused to travel on the lake in thin birch bark canoes because of the large creature that would rise from the depths of Lake Pepin and puncture the thin skinned watercraft. If, like me, you’re a fan of the work of John Keel – who concluded that many of the weird and mysterious things of our world are somehow all inter-connected – you’ll particularly enjoy this chapter. This cute tee makes a great souvenir gift for cryptid lovers visiting Lake Pepin. The book came out in june and is about the monster in Lake Pepin, called Pepie. It’s important to note, however, that the story of Pepie is not purely historical; sightings have been made throughout the 2000s and right up until at least 2010. Manipogo also known as the Winnipogo as the Lake Monster is reported to live in Lake … Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi River. Although the lake is only twenty-one feet deep, some think that’s deep enough to be home to a monster. Bear lake monster Bear lake monster is also called Isabella in Bear lake in the United States. Sightings of Pepie stretch back to the 1800s when both Native Americans and white settlers were frightened of the monster submerged in the waves. Maybe the monster thinks so, too. It's a fun way to show some pride in your hometown monster. Lake Pepin bodes an eerie similarity to Scotland’s famous Loch Ness. It is a naturally occurring lake formed by the backup of water behind sedimentary deposits of the Chippewa River's delta. Legend has it that the Dakota, who lived along the scenic, wide stretch of the river, beached their birch bark canoes for thicker dugout canoes when traveling on Lake Pepin. Lakecitytourism@gmail.com, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Particularly intriguing is the chapter in Pepie on various additional unknown animals seen in the Mississippi River. There was – as the book demonstrates – a wave of encounters with Pepie in the 1960s, as well as a variety of reports  that surfaced in the 1980s. For those unfamiliar, Lake Pepin is supposedly … Hudson, WI. These sections of the book are without doubt my favorite, as they demonstrate the enthusiasm of the authors for the mystery, their quest for the truth, and the means by which they try and seek out the beast. The latest twist in the tale is that anyone who can hook, net or capture Pepie on film could earn a $50,000 reward. Local man Larry Nielson, who operates the paddlewheel boat Pearl of the Lake, saw something on Lake Pepin eleven years ago, according to The Star-Tribune. Pepin's natural flora are threatened by these increased rates of sedimentation, leading the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance to call the phenomenon a "wet desert." PEPIE The Lake Pepin Monster The legend of Pepie tells of a large, serpentlike creature, a legendary lurker that lives in the shadowy depths of Lake Pepin by Lake City, MN. See more ideas about pepin, lake, great river. Posts: 36. Pepie: The Lake Monster of the Mississippi River by Chad Lewis and Noah Voss is available at The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., and online at ChadLewisResearch.com and Amazon.com. Nielson saw a wake that was about 200 feet long, and two feet high going upstream. Lake Pepin's rumored creature may be folklore come to life The centuries-old legend of a lake creature is alive today thanks to a handful of folks who are … It is part of Pool 4 which extends from Lock and Dam (LD) 3 near Red Wing, MN to LD 4 downstream at Alma, WI. And they do so in decidedly atmospheric fashion. See More. I’ll be heading to Lake Pepin for the weekend. Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. Enjoy a stroll on our many trails with the trees changing colors. Muscatine, Iowa — The U.S. might have its very own Loch Ness monster traveling the Mississippi — one even thought to have visited Muscatine. Lake Pepin is 2 miles wide and 22 miles long, somewhat similar in geography to Loch Ness. Things then go down a more mysterious path, when the matter of significant UFO activity in the area is revealed. Speed Trolling Shad Raps for Early Summer 'Eyes -- IDO "Hooked Up!" But when it comes to the legend of the lake monster lurking in the depths of Lake Pepin, he’s a believer. Beware of the “Metroplex Monsters” – There are More Than a Few of Them! Located at 35680 U.S. 61 Lake City, MN 55041 or call us at (507) 398-1528, the Tasting Room is open - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM. And how do Lewis and Voss demonstrate this? Copyright © Mysterious Universe. or with the high water is there any place to launch? I discovered that in my home state of Wisconsin, we have a Lake Monster of note in Lake Pepin, which is found on the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota and is part of the Mississippi River. Renowned explorer Noah Voss, author Chad Lewis, lecturer Todd Roll, occult researcher Kevin Lee Nelson and guest Jesse Donahue dare the turbulant waters of the Mississippi River for clues to this Lake Monster Legend! 877-525-3248 June 27, 2018 at 8:38 am #1782701. Grab your adventurous side and take it to Lake City MN May 24th! And how do Lewis and Voss demonstrate this? Lake Pepin Campground in Lake City is rated 7.6 of 10 at Campground Reviews. One such case concerns a beast described by the local media of the day as a “living curiosity” and “the size of an elephant and rhinoceros.”. Misidentification is suggested in some cases – possibly of otters, swimming deer, and snakes. “A lake monster was seen swimming on Lake Pepin” on April 28, 1871, according to the Minnesota Historical Society’s Book of Days Almanac. What mysterious lake monster swims in Lake Pepin located between Minnesota and Wisconsin? Floating on Lake Pepin, “If you had some Scotch whisky, you might think you were in Loch Ness,” Lewis quips. Lake Pepin's current water temperature is 0°F.Today's forecast is: Overcast throughout the day., with a high around 33°F and a low around 25°F.Winds are … Our authors then provide us with a “Final Thoughts” section, in which they look back on their investigations and share some welcome thoughts and observations. As the authors note, it’s not just the monster itself that is weird; so is the lake: “As a lake on a river, Lake Pepin is somewhat of a geological oddity.”. We’re also given the strange and controversial story of an alleged photo of Pepie. This means road-trips to the lake itself, archival research, and securing witness testimony. Lake Pepin Winery. Suddenly, the water began to churn and the “log” disappeared into the water. Then, we come to one of the most important sections of the book: the theories for what the Pepies might really be. “A lake monster was seen swimming on Lake Pepin” on April 28, 1871, according to the Minnesota Historical Society’s Book of Days Almanac. If Cryptozoology is your thing, you won’t want to miss Pepie: The Lake Monster of the Mississippi River. Winery & Vineyard Open Lake Pepin Monster Fest 11am - 5/7pm Closed Mondays 35680 Hwy 61 Boulevard Lake City, MN 55041 651-345-4004. 2. Considered to be one of the ten most scenic areas in North America, it is the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Pepin), has the first City in Minnesota (Wabasha), is where the sport of waterskiing was invented (Lake City), is one of the World’s best areas for sailboats, has the only working lighthouse on the river (Lake City), and features a world famous lake monster named Pepie! There is even a $50,000 reward for the creature's capture, but no one has claimed the reward yet. Let the world know with this Pepie the Lake Monster of Lake Pepin graphic t-shirt. There were large creatures lurking in the lake that had easily punctured the thinner birch canoes. It’s always a good day when a review-book arrives in the mail and its subject-matter is one that intrigues me. Reports of Pepie go back to pioneer times and continue until today. The legend of Pepie tells of a large, serpentlike creature, a legendary lurker that lives in the shadowy depths of Lake Pepin by Lake City, MN. Now Lewis is doing something similar for Lake Pepin, south of the Twin Cities. Artist displayed their works and as well participants got to dapple in art festivities themselves. Is Pepie somewhere below the serene surface of Lake Pepin. InDepthOutdoorsTV Recommended for you on Lake Pepin, MN - Duration: 9:11. For the past 150 years, the legend of the beast dubbed Pepie have grown to epic proportions.” According to historical account, there has been multiple statements of a large monster like creature in the waters of Lake Pepin. 3. This installment of “Tales of the MNcredible” explores the overwhelming horror of the cutest lake monster in Minnesota. Beautiful Lake Tanwax open year round for fishing. I particularly enjoy books that are regional in nature, as they generally offer deep insight into a case that, without that personal, in-the-field approach, would probably remain buried in obscurity.